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What We've Built

True Sports Activation.

Tell your story as the game unfolds. It's your seat at the bar to join in the fan's conversation.

Deliver the right message to the right fan at the right time.

The Leader in a New Game

Sports is in our DNA. Established in 2009, FanServ created the first ad-supported team apps for our NHL and NBA clients. From that foundation emerged SportServ -- the most kick-ass ad engine in sports. Period. Our product, patent pending.

  • SportServ is a white label, ad tech solution engineered around sports and sports activation only
  • We offer solutions for Publishers, Brands and Teams
  • Our ad exchange is a new kind of sports marketplace geared towards performance and custom fan modeling

Client Solutions


Adding our capabilities and services to build structure, scale and revenue.


Market in the moment and take a seat at the bar with your fans.


Sell more. More tickets, sponsorships and targeted activations.

Technology Stack

Ad Serving

Simply put, the most kick-ass ad engine in sports.

PMP Exchange

Premium. Private. Performance. A new kind of sports marketplace.

Fan Segments

Defining, capturing and unifying the fan segment in an all-new way.

Serve Smarter

Let's activate your first campaign