Case Study
DICK'S Sporting Goods

The Challenge

The client wanted to reach NFL football fans in their respective markets and have them purchase their favorite team's merchandise.

Campaign Requirements

  • Target team specific jersey ads with live game data to corresponding DMAs
  • Automate delivery of ads around game times
  • Report by market and by jersey to optimize over the course of the campaign
  • Change messaging based on the score of the game

The SportServ Solution

Our patent-pending technology allows ads to be "game aware," then learns and optimizes delivery and targeting -- all in one ad tag. For this campaign, one tag served 128 unique creatives.

Instead of having to create and manage up to four(4) different creatives, in four(4) different ad sizes, per team (512 total), FanServ provided one(1) creative tag per ad unit. We incorporated live game info, targeted messaging by team and provided 4 different possible product pics.

Performance & Results

The client saw an 88% increase in revenue, 76% increase in CTR, and a 66% increase in ROAS.

DICK'S Results Chart
  Impressions Total Spend CTR% Revenue ROAS
SportServ 6,453,885 $40,659 0.132% $68,112 168%
Without SportServ 6,453,885 $35,496 0.075% $36,141 102%

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