One Tag. Infinite Possibilities.

Sports happen live... so should your ads.

SportServ integrates live game data into your ads, allowing you to change the messaging in real-time.

Connect with your fans in the moment and market in real-time.

SportServ is the first to market, piping live sports data to digital ads. It works with all other ad tech and easily fits within existing workflows!

  • Personalized brand creative that adds value to consumers while they engage with your brand
  • Live scores and real-time content increases the relevancy and attractiveness of digital ads over standard brand messaging
  • Leverage co-branded and geo-specific content to deliver a personalized message to fans across the country

Activation in 3 Easy Steps


The sport, league, team, and games you want to target along with custom event triggers and conditions.


Use your specific brand creatives (or ours) to tell a story with the game and while the game unfolds.


To your sports specific fan targets, with your current plan's parameters, all in the context of sports.

Tune-in Case Study
FOX Sports Go + Detroit Pistons

Our client wanted us to geo-target Detroit Pistons fans to promote FOX Sports Go tune-in prior to and in-game only. Using SportServ, FOX Sports Go saw a 71% increase on their Click-through Rate (CTR). Here's what we did to achieve those results.

Dynamic Creative

We built creative units that reflected the live elements and situational excitement of the game using Scores, Stats, and Custom copy to push fans to tune-in or download the FOX Sports Go app.


In addition to targeting the Detroit metro area, we implemented audience tracking to create retargeting and look-a-like fan segments throughout our ad network.

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